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by Accounts Automated March 27, 2016

So what are pet lovers looking for? What’s going on in the world and the economy plays a huge role in what’s going on in trending. The purchase of pet products is as influenced by this as much as shopping for anything else e.g. fashion or homewares. We are still in the depths of recession and people are spending more time at home with family and their animals. We are sitting on the sofa with our cappuccinos that we made on that espresso machine we bought, enjoying each sip while Rover sits by our feet curled up on his dog blanket while we watch Jamie Oliver knocking out a hearty cheap feed for a family of four.

We are craving warmth, comfort and security of the home. You see this reflected in stores where they offer you things to create that sensation of homeliness – fluffy throws, plump cushions, fleecy onesies, or a barista offering you a hot beverage. Pet accessory manufacturers are responding to your desires too. How good does it feel seeing your dog wearing a cute little sweater? You can’t wait see your dog kitted out in his new doggie pyjamas when that cold snap comes. The oxytocin is gushing through those veins just thinking about it.

It is essential that those in the pet industry cater for the many individual tastes of the modern dog and cat owner. Despite us all nurturing the same feelings, we are also looking to personalise our pet’s look through our choice of finds. Our dogs and cats reflect our own tastes in what pet toy they play with down to what collar they wear. The modern day hipster, who is busily trying to appreciate the old mid-century things that were new when he was a kid but he didn’t appreciate back then; he would probably hate our Pod Player pet ID tag as it represents the now. However he might love our 70s striped dog harness because it reminds him of a T shirt he used to play in when he was 10.

Love it or hate it, we all use social media in some form or another. We are creating our own mood boards via Instagram and Pinterest. We have a desire to share with everyone our tastes. That’s fantastic. It’s a wonderful and modern way of sourcing so that businesses, including the pet industry, can evaluate what the 21st century pet owner is looking for.


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