How to keep your pets cool this Summer

by Accounts Automated January 12, 2020

How to keep your pets cool this Summer

With the Summer heat picking up and the devastating Australian bushfires, it is important that you keep your pets cool and calm during Summer.

Top tips from Hamish McBeth

Pets do suffer from the heat and whether a dog, cat or bird they can still get sunburnt or even dehydrated.  So what are the best steps that you can follow to protect your pets from the Australian summer season?

1. Shade

Seems simple but how much shade does your pet actually have?  If it is a 35°C day and you leave you pet outside, do they have a cool area? Our pets feel the heat as much as we do, so investing in a fan or cooling mat for your pet will make this summer more enjoyable for your pets.


2. Water

All pets need plenty of water for hydration this summer. Fresh and cold water that is available all day. Other options are frozen ice blocks that they can play with and drink whilst it defrosts. 


3. Clothes/Protection

Vests and lightweight pet clothes offer great sun protection for your furry friend. Have you ever considered applying sunscreen to your pets as well?




Accounts Automated
Accounts Automated


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