How Often Should I Bath my Pet?

by Rodney Hovey October 26, 2022

How Often Should I Bath my Pet?

Your pet only needs a bath on a monthly basis. Any more frequently and you strip the natural oils in the fur which can cause dryness and irritation of the skin. Of course this is dependent on your pets activity and also whether your pet is shedding - bathing can help to pull out the loose fur - more frequent bathing may be required during shedding season. Ensure in between baths that you regularly brush your pet. Do the old sniff test - the nose knows!

Why do I need to use pet shampoo?

Pet shampoos are specifically designed for your pet's skin. It all comes down to the pH balance of the topmost layer of the skin that protects us from bacteria and viruses. For humans our level is high acidity whereas in our pets it is high alkalinity.

Tips to make bath time easier....

  1. Be prepared - have everything you need on hand
  2. Give your pet a brush beforehand - matted hair retains water which causes irritated skin
  3. Get a lick mat adding your pets favorite treat and suction to the bath as a distraction. Licking reduces anxiety and helps to calm and soothe your pet by releasing endorphins through the promotion of licking
  4. Use lukewarm water - even cooler for larger breeds as they overheat easily
  5. Use a massage brush to dispense the shampoo - this creates an instant lather whilst massaging your pet creating a relaxed environment (be aware, they won't want you to stop)
  6. Rinse well - ensure no shampoo is left in the fur as it can irritate their skin
  7. Air dry - let your pet have a good shake and dry off naturally or use a blow-dryer designed for pets as its lower temperature won't cause irritation
  8. Remember to stay calm - if you get stressed your pet will sense this. Make bath time fun!
  9. Finish off with a few squirts of Hamish McBeth cologne which deodorizes, adds shine and luster to the coat and is non-oily - smell the difference!

Do different coats need different shampoo?

Each breed has a different coat with different needs which brought us to develop a range of 7 unique blends.

All Purpose - For use on animals with normal skin types. Anti-itching properties with its Citronella and Rosemary essential oils.

Oodles & Curly Coat - For Oodles, Poodles and Curly Coats with a vanilla oil fragrance. Specifically designed to hold the hair strands together for curl retention.

Puppy & Sensitive Skin - Tearless, non-irritating and has a low allergen delicious crisp green apple fragrance. Great for puppies, kittens, senior pets and super sensitive animals.

Retriever & Long Coat - Natural Coconut oil fragrance for Retrievers, Border Collies, Cavalier, Spaniels and long coat breeds. Designed to absorb and retain water and provide excellent moisturizing for long coat and prevent unmanageable hair.

Staffies & Short Coat - For Staffies, Pugs, Bulldogs, Labrador, Boston Terriers and other short coat breeds. Orange and Lime fruit coat gloss that works to add luster and depth to short coats. Rosemary essential oil is added to provide additional anti-bacterial, antiseptic and toning effects.

Terriers & Wire Coat - For Terriers, Airedales, Schnauzers and other wire coat breeds. Rosemary essential oils are used to strengthen the hair and develop a healthier skin whilst providing anti-bacterial and skin toning effects.

Westies & White Coat - Wild Berry fragrance for Westies and other breeds with white coats or lighter colored coat. Includes stain removing agent which whitens coats.

Why use Hamish McBeth Shampoo?

Hamish McBeth concentrated shampoos are made right here in Australia and made from all natural ingredients, organic extracts and essential oils which clean and deodorize your pet's coat and invigorates the skin. Our shampoos are hypo-allergenic and contain no soap, phosphates, parabens, sulphate or enzymes. And what's more, they smell fantastic!

Rodney Hovey
Rodney Hovey


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