Our Story

Our Story





  Styling that's unique and distinctly different.

Hamish McBeth specialises in designer pet products that are design-driven, stylish and practical. 

Our journey started over ten years ago when we looked around and saw pet  owners who wore stylish and well-designed accessories & clothes, and we thought why shouldn't their pets also look as good?

From this inspiration,  Hamish McBeth has become the world's leading designer pet products company with sales in  over 30 countries.

We draw our design passion from London, Milan, Tokyo and New York. In fact anywhere,  practical and stylish design is found.
Our focus is on using natural materials, classic colours and timeless designs that do not date plus ensuring all our products are made to the highest ethical standards.

We call our approach...Total Pettitude.

Pettitude is standing out from the crowd
Pettitude is our unique & stylish products
Pettitude is recognition that every pet is loved
Pettitude is care and added safety
Pettitude is our approach to environmentally friendly processes and manufacturing



A big range for dogs and cats.

Our passion is creating the best dog collars & leads, colourful pj"s and coats, warm jumpers, organic shampoo's, fashionable harness's, cool dog blankets beds, colorful ceramic dog bowls and fashionable  cat collars.

We inject a sense of style and a splash of color in everything we make.

 Owning a stylishly turned out pet has never been easier!


We only use the best materials.

Vegetable Dye  -   a Hamish McBeth innovation with all our leather products  vegetable dyed,  using plant extracts,   not the usual  chemical or chrome dyed process. 

This means that owners can have complete comfort that there is no skin  irritation or possible transfer of harmful chemicals to their pets plus we are helping the environment.


Top Grain Real Leather  - our highly-skilled craftsmen make the highest quality  collars and leads using only top grain real leather.

The softest, longest lasting quality  will not chafe or irritate your pets as its natural qualities mean comfortable wearing at all times.   

Mongolian Wool -  Our hand loomed dog jumpers are made from premium, 100% Mongolian pure wool. 

We only use this wool  for its naturally crimped fibres, which give warmth  yet are very lightweight. They provide comfortable & breathable clothes that dogs love.

Wool does not melt when exposed to flame, like most synthetic fibers, so its extra safe for lying in front of the fire on a cold night.
We all prefer pure wool so why for our best friend!

Organic  shampoo  - all our organic shampoos are made with natural ingredients including organic plant extracts and essential oils.

They contain no soap, enzymes or parabens and are hypo allergenic and ph balanced to maximise the health of your dog.

All chemicals and water based impurities are cleaned by the use of deionized water to provide a totally natural yet high performance clean.
Each formula has a unique blend of  all natural ingredients s to meet the specific needs of each breeds with different skin and hair types. 


Unique Hardware – die cast using our own tools & designs to provide great strength with a unique style and appeal to owners.



Every Hamish McBeth pet product is designed in Australia by our creative team.

All products are thoroughly road tested to provide you with a durable and quality product.